360 Loop for
Creator Economy


We believe every creator should be rewarded for their work. Hence, we provide simplistic commerce tools to sell your collection directly to your fans. Now you don’t have to worry about asset transfer, billing, smart contract and payment. Just easily sell your digital assets on Virtualness!

Creator creates NFTs and configures simple sale parameters.

AI check for integrity and platform moderation.

NFT's appear on the list for sale. Fan notification and social features activated.

Fan can buy at fixed price or place bids for an auction.

Notification of sale to the creator. Social features and conversation.

Transfer of assets and payments, receipt for completion.

We want to democratize and decentralize creation and give full power to creators. As a creator, not only should you be able to monetize your creation, but also define the pricing (fixed price or auction), quantity to be sold (exclusive or limited edition) and control timeline for sale. We believe in giving full control to Creators thus democratizing creation and decentralizing control while being able to keep majority of revenues earned from creation

Sale Parameters


Sell exclusive collection for your fans to buy via auction, list your masterpiece for bidding.

Limit by Time

Sell your collection for a limited window on a first come first basis. 

Fixed Quantity

Define the number of pieces you want to sell and restrict your collection to a limited number of fans


Define Price